Thursday, March 25, 2010


Last night I painted my nails Lemonade from the Orly Sweet Collection. I haven't painted my nails in FORRREEVVVERRRR (seriously, probably years). But the pretty pastel colors I have been seeing lately are so lovely I wanted to give it a go. The photos below are NOT my own nails because I didn't do such a good job. Anyone have any good nail painting tips? It always seems only hours after I paint them they are already messed up...that's why I haven't painted them in years!

(photo source)

I also bought a pastel purple which I am excited to try as well!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yes Please!

To go with the new (to me) table (posted below) I will hopefully soon be getting 4 of these chairs to go along with it.

The Tobias Chair from IKEA! I thought the clear plastic is super modern looking and would look awesome with the table....just have to save up!!

Also, here are a few favorites of my latest favorites from Etsy. I could waste a whole day away on that site if I wasn't careful.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Collection is Growing.....

So I have been super obsessed with Mid-Century Modern/Eames/Danish everything (but most especially furniture) for almost a year now. I have been mostly buying little things here and there at Flea Markets or Garage Sales. But recently I was looking around Craigs List and found an ad for a guy selling a bunch of Mid-Century Modern Furniture. I decided I would check it out. He ended up being the coolest guy who had the coolest apartment full of AHHHMAAZING furniture...AND 3 huge storage units full as well. He is an avid collector and his girlfriend was getting sick of it all so he was looking to downsize. I also found out he has a book deal with a major publisher to write a book all about Danish and Mid-Century furnishings..coooolllll... So I ended up buying this table...of which there is only one more (known of) in the United States. It is a Danish designer who never ended up selling his stuff in the U.S. It has two leaves to extend it super long and the way the leaves are attached are super cool. I will have to take more pics sometime.

And I bought this lovely credenza/side bar also. My kitchen is super small so I was looking for something pretty like this to store extra dishes, etc... Sam (the guy who sold me the furniture) is suppose to email me the history and stories behind each piece which I will share when I get them.

Lots of space!!

Also, I got gorgeous flowers from a cute boy on my that was nice :)

These fun vintage finds will be going up in my shop this week!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week ;) -- H

Monday, March 1, 2010

I LOVE......

(photo found here)


A flower I have recently become very in love with... I have never received them from anyone or even seen a real on in person (only a fake one in Pottery Barn..haha) but I love to see pictures of them and hope to find a local florist who carries them or can get them so I can fill my house with them!!

(rest of the photos found here)
What's Your favorite flower???