Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wheezy Wednesday - Sassy Edition

I am not sure what has gotten in to her lately but Wheez seems to be getting Sassier in her older age.
Except for the occassional growl at a neighborhood dog, Wheezy is my perfect, pretty pretty princess ;) BUT lately she has been getting in to all sorts of mischief. It started last week when we came home to find that she had totally destroyed my favorite sunglasses. Her slober even warped the shape of the frames! A day later and again we are greeted after work with the broken bits of Jon's prescription glasses!...No pictures of this...there was more anger over this occurance....

AND THEN yesterday she got in to the trash! She NEVER gets in to the trash! The BF got home before me and sent me the lovely photo below.
I can't figure out what her deal is!? Maybe she has just been extra bored during the day while we are at work....whatever it is though, you can NEVER stay mad at that face for very long!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adding to the Shop

IMG_7139 vintage shoe vintage snakeskin heels IMG_7126
When I first fell in love with Vintage several years ago I was only into housewares, home decor and children's books - NOT clothing. It isn't that I didn't find vintage clothing pretty or intriguing - I have always admired the bloggers who only wore vintage and looked perfect in it - I think I have always been intimidated.
But about 8 or 9 months ago I came across a beautiful dress at an estate sale and just couldn't pass it up. Then the next week a coat...and the next a leather blazer....and then there was no stopping me! Over the past 9 months I have amassed quite the collection. I am pretty proud of it and I am finally going to start updating Hollie Would Vintage with clothing as well as the normal vintage home goodies.
Above are some items I have in the shop for sale already. The bottom dress is my FAV. It is the coolest little girls dress and I adore it!
I hope to add a couple new pieces each week so be sure to check back! I am so excited to have gotten over my vintage clothing fear....(well, at least the selling part of it) because it adds another level to the excitement of the hunt.
Now it is time to start working on incorporating vintage pieces into MY wardrobe! One step at a time.... :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrilling Thrift...Vintage Children's Clothing!

Wanted to share this quick pic of the total SCORE I made over the weekend. I bought this huge lot of vintage children's clothing for a mere $30!! These pictures don't even begin to accurately portray the amazing pieces in this bunch! Most pieces seem to be from the 50s and 60s and except for a few minor stains here and there, they are in excellent condition!!
It pays to check out your local Craigslist pretty frequently, people!! The person I bought the lot from said his brother is a bit of a 'collector' and he was helping him sell some things. The brother acquired these amazing pieces from the estate sale of a hoarder.
I am beyond excited about these sweet kid's clothes and can't wait to share more! Be on the lookout for more pics here on my blog and also in my Etsy shop - Hollie Would Vintage!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Birthday Bounty

So my birthday is on Saturday, the 3rd. Turning the big 2-9!!! Last year in my twenties...eeepp!
Today I thought I would share some things on my birthday wishlist. Just some things that I have been coveting...;) You are never too old to have a birthday list!!

I think this bag would be perfect to carry around this spring!

These shoes are TO DIE FOR!
Source: via Hollie on Pinterest

That bulldog lamp is AWESOME

Would Loves to have me one of these 3D phone cases!

This dress is really fun
Source: via Hollie on Pinterest

AND a new toy for my camera!

If you want to check out other things I am loving/wanting at the moment you should check out me out on Pinterest! hollieh is the name! ;)