Monday, November 28, 2011

Mini Thanksgiving Holiday Recap

I had a super busy, but super fun Thanksgiving break. I won't give you the whole rundown but my 4 day break DID include a surprise birthday party for the BF's mom, 10 year high school reunion and a Jay-Z/Kayne concert -not a concert you would typically find me at BTW...these were special circumstances :). AND don't forget the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. This year we made two different stops.
Along with all of that we celebrated my Niece's 2nd birthday and my Nephew's 1st birthday! That's when the photos below were taken.

My sister made owl cake pops that were super cute and delicious.

And my nephew REALLY enjoyed his :)

Did YOU have a really busy Thanksgiving break or weekend??

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Visiting the Eastman House


I took both of these photos at the Eastman house in Rochester, NY two weeks ago. The BF and I were visitng my sister and her family and we decided to tour the house on a perfect fall afternoon.
It is the mansion and grounds (some of which has been turned into a museum of photography) of George Eastman - the founder of Kodak. Being the photography lover that I am i was excited to go and hopefully see some sort of history of the company and the evolution of photography overtime. But to be completely honest I was a little disappointed with that aspect of it. There really wasn't much too any of the displays they had and not a lot of history seemed to be talked about.
But the house itself was certainly something to see! What a beautiful mansion and grounds!! I would recommend going if only to see that part of it!




Sunday, November 20, 2011

Are you ready for Winter??

I visited a local thrift shop the other day and scored a couple awesome things....including the coat and boots below. I love both pieces! The coat is a beautiful vintage red jacket that I think would be the perfect edition to any holiday party outfit. And the boots are just AWESOME! At first glance they look like amazing vintage leather riding boots. Well, they ARE amazing vintage riding boots BUT they are actually rubber! They are great for wearing with your skinnies or for a snowy day out!

The only sad thing about these finds is that neither of them are my size :( SO I will be adding both to Hollie Would Vintage pretty soon! Are you ready for the winter weather???

Monday, November 14, 2011

Muppet Mania!

In searching for a lovely new shade for my nails last week I came across one of the newest collections for OPI..... The Muppets!!!

I have always been a huge fan of the Muppets. The Muppet Babies cartoon was a favorite when I was little :) So when I saw this collection I just KNEW I had to purchase a bottle.....or 3!

From left to right you have the Rainbow Connection, Warm & Fozzie and Wocka Wocka. Awesome names, Right!?

Now, as you can see from the pictures, I am not the best nail painter. But most of the time you aren't so close to the nails so they normally pass on looking decent enough :) I used Wocka Wocka as the main color and then used Rainbow Connection to try an almost manicure effect...only painting the top part of the nail. I was happy with the way it turned out for the first time around But I will get better with more practice! Tonight I think I will try Warm and Fozzie....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Check me out! + Wheezy Wednesday

I have loved Leigh-Ann's blog, Freckled Nest, for a really long time now and I am thrilled to be one of her sponsors this month!! Be sure to check out her awesome blog and click around through all the sponsors :) Doesn't my Hollie Would Vintage Ad look nice? :)

And it's Wednesday so of course I have to share another picture of my beautiful bulldog, Wheezy!

I love this photo for so many reasons! For one thing, it is a photo of Wheez AND Ms. Batista. For another...I mean look at their faces!! Wheezy is yawning and kitty is licking away. The shadows don't make it the prettiest of photos but it is one of my favorites :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New York....Part One!!

2 weeks ago the BF and I went to visit his sister who lives in
Queens. It has been quite a few years since both of us have been to NYC so we
decided to do as much walking and 'touristy' stuff as we could. We spent several
hours in Center Park and the carousel in particular really caught my attention.
It has such beautiful detail and arcitecture.I did some reasearch and
learned that the famed Carousel is the fourth to stand in Central Park since
1871. A live mule or a horse, hidden beneath the Carousel platform, powered the
original ride from 1873 until 1924. The animals were taught to start and stop
when the operator tapped his foot on the floor!The next two Carousels were
destroyed by fire, the first in 1924 and its successor in 1950. Searching for a
replacement, the Parks Department discovered the current vintage Carousel
abandoned in an old trolley terminal on Coney Island. The Brooklyn firm Stein
& Goldstein crafted the piece in 1908, and it remains one of the largest
carousels in the United States and finest examples of American folk art. In
1990, the Central Park Conservancy restored the Carousel landscape and
surrounding plaza. Each horse is also being restored.

There are horses (of course!) but a lot of other pretty animals
The fence surrounding the carousel was my favorite!

Doesn't it just look magical!? :)