Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's Your Favorite ------------- ?

Saw this on hollysarah's and leigh-ann's blogs and thought I would play along :)
1. Favorite hobby?

2. Favorite tv show?

3. Favorite restaurant food?
BBQ Chicken ....or BBQ anything really

5. Favorite animal?

Love pretty much ALL animals but bulldogs hold a special place in my heart :)

4. Favorite thing to shop for?

Vintage Housewares!

6. Favorite song?

The Killers - When You Were Young ... always been a favorite
7. Favorite word?
8. Recent favorite youtube video?

I know this one isn't recent but I think this one is hilarious and I don't really go on youtube that often.

9. Favorite movie?

10. Favorite childhood memory?
Spending summers at the beach with my cousins and family

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Makes me smile......

I think my dog is the craziest, most hilarious dog ever.... that face and the way she is sitting??? Priceless....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hello Spring!!

HELLO SPRING! (That is what I imagine Dozer the Mini Donkey was thinking when I snapped his picture.)

These are photos I took a few weeks ago of my adorable nieces and nephew. Spring Time Photo Shoot!

D would NOT sit still on the backdrop so we settled for a nearby ladder.
But C & T were good little subjects :)

I have really been enjoying the flowering trees that are around my house.

Gotta LOVE Spring! What have you been doing in the beautiful spring weather? (That is...assuming you have been having nice weather like we have in Western PA)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bathroom Before & After

I bought my first home (well, townhome) in November and have been decorating ever since! I have loved this part of the home buying experience! I have been wanting to share what I have done (so far) for a long time now and FINALLY got around to taking some pictures! Up first is my bathroom. It was a horrible tannish shade and blah, bland, boring. I couldn't wait to fix it up.

The light fixture always reminded me of Seasame Street. Remember the lamp post with the big balls? Haha. And I always wanted a chandelier in my bathroom (although I was figuring I would have a bigger bathroom with the chandelir hanging over the tub... that will come someday :)) so I got this cute little on at IKEA. And changed out the mirror. Mirror is also from IKEA....everything pretty much is.
New Sink. It is kinda narrow and trough like.

I picked a pretty aquaish blue color. Nice and calming. I had the paint chip sitting around forever and of course when I want to know the name of the paint I can't find the chip!!

I have a nice bit of storage now in this pretty small bathroom.
And of COURSE new flooring. Nice sticky vinyl titles from Lowes. Cheap but looks really good! And I bought that shower curtain well over a year ago on clearance at Target and was just waiting for the day to finally put it in a new bathroom! :)