Thursday, May 27, 2010

MUCH NEEDED long weekend!

I have 4 days off! I am soooo excited! I definately need this break from work. I am going to be heading to Rochester, NY to visit my sister and her husband... should be fun times! I think we will be doing some yard saling and I might be getting another tattoo...SHHHH... don't tell my mom though..hehe! I am 27 years old, living on my own, owning my own home- takin care of myself... and still worry about my parents reaction. They didn't freak out too bad about the first one sooo hopefully this one won't be too much of a shocker. I will have to share photos once it is healed!

These are a couple fun finds from the past weekend. the 3 Circus Paint By Numbers are CERTAINLY not the best I have seen... but I have a hard time passing up paint-by-numbers when I see them so I grabbed them anyway. Fun colors if nothing else. I also found a fun faux bois Port A File and I really cool vintage travel bag that was meant for a pair of shoes. The tag is still on and I am pretty sure it was never used. LOVE the pattern and colors... you can't fully appreciate it in this picture :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Any fun plans?

OHH! And who is signing up for the RVA Summercamp Class? I am pretty sure I am going to!


  1. cute paint by numbers! i saw the summer camp classes...have you done any rva classes before?

  2. Yes, I have done several RVA classes and enjoyed them all. Always enjoyable and inspiring :)