Monday, June 21, 2010

These are the Days....

that make Thrifting worth while and soooo exciting!!!! In the summer I get every other Friday off work (by working an extra hour Monday through Thursday) so OF COURSE my mom and I head out to Estate Sales and Yard Sales. This past Friday was the best thrifting day I have had yet this summer! And below are some of my finds......
Thought this necklace was really pretty. Kinda reminded me of a Charley Harper illustration so I grabbed it up....not sure this one will make it to the Etsy Shop :)
And who could pass up a cute little camera, old recipe box (with LOTS of old recipes inside) or glass Tang pitcher!?

This picture isn't too great and doesn't do this find justice but I got a box of old letter and symbol stamps for a steal! Just need to get them cleaned up!

And I couldn't pass up a bag of old glasses for only $1....

And this is a shot of most of my finds home safe and sound with me :) My poor 'office/crafting' room is about to BUST at the seams... And I LOVE IT :)


  1. What great finds! There are so many possibilities for the stamps! I am off during the summer and hope to take advantage of midweek thrifting! It is really nice that you get off Fridays during the summer :)

  2. Oh! I have a bolo tie I found at a garage sale with that EXACT SAME cardinal design! My first thought was also Charley Harper. Making it into a pendant is on my "I'll get it done someday" list!

  3. @ Aubrey - Yes! having Fridays off is very lovely :) You should DEF. take advantage of the time off and do some thrifting...midweek thrifting is the best because not as many people are out and about!

    @ Sara Kate - That is so funny that you have the same design as a BOLO TIE!

  4. Oh my word your thrifting finds are GORGEOUS! I especially love that recipe box!