Thursday, October 27, 2011

I've Got That Fall Feeling....

I have been decorated for Fall/Halloween for WEEKS now (actually proud how early I got it done this year!) but hadn't shared my decor yet because I was finding it very difficult to get a good picture of my mantel. The lighting just never seemed right and I hate using the flash, especially for my mantel photos because the wall behind is a mirror.
Anyway, that is my excuse but I finally feel I got some acceptable shots so here they are!!

I am ALL about the details as opposed to the bigger picture......
I thought it would be fun to add in a few cameras from my collection & surround them with leaves, indian corn and pumpkins.
I also made a fun centerpiece for my dining room table. I have had this amazing terrarium type thing for a few months and just hadn't done anything with it yet. As I was trying to decide what do to for a centerpiece it caught my eye and I thought it would be cool to fill it with a few pumpkins.

I added these 2 little gnomes. I thought they were a fun little detail. I found these little guys in an antique store. They had a box full of them. The story was that they were dug up out of the ground somewhere in Germany outside an old toy factory. These most have been the 'misfits'.

Sorry for the picture heavy post. I hope you didn't mind :) I was just excited so share my fall decor. Fall is my favorite!! :) And the nice thing is that after Halloween all I really have to do is take down the black cat garland (which I purchased at Target for $1!) and the decorations can go through Thanksgiving!


  1. Your decorations are gorgeous!! Someday I hope that I have a mantle to decorate, too :)

  2. Thanks :) Yes, mantles are a lovely thing to have! lol