Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My favorite Flea!

I have lived in Oakmont, PA for a few years now and just love it! The little town is just so quaint with its brick paved streets and great shops/restaurants.... I don't think I could be happier with another town!
One of the things I love most about living in Oakmont is the festival that one of the churches has each year. The Saint Irenaeus Catholic Church has a festival once a year at the beginning of August...and the best part of it is the FLEA MARKET! :) I will never forget the first time I stumbled upon the festival. My friend and I had walked from our townhomes down the hill in to town for dinner at one of Oakmont's yummy restaurants and on the way home we walked past the festival happening in the church parking lot. My friend, having lived in Oakmont a lot longer than me, told me it was something they did every year and that they had great food. Having just eaten, I wasn't that impressed but we walked through anyway just to look around...and that is when I saw the sign pointing to the flea market!

It was more than I could have hoped for! :) A multi-room, 2 story flea market open on a Friday night until 10pm! I was just in heaven (my friend is such a sweetheart. She followed along but these kinds of things really don't interest her) and probably could have stayed and searched for hours. But because we had walked there I told myself not to get too excited because I didn't really want to buy a bunch of things and lug them up the hill. So I took a quick look around and decided to come back first thing the next day. 
And I have gone back each summer since! This year they put all the clothes in a whole separate building so I had 2 buildings & multiple rooms to look through. Below are a few things I picked up this year. They always have a pre-sale the Wednesday before the festival starts so I went there straight after work that night. I got a few things but most of it I got Sunday morning when they slash the prices.
I got this cool Santa. I believe he is from the 50s. He does have a tag on him but it is pretty worn. I believe it says the Stufflo company? Anyone know anything about him??
I also bought this amazing fondue set still in the original box and the writing is all in French! The only sad thing is that the people running the flea market wrote on the box! Ugh... but I just couldn't pass it up when it went half off.
And I got this pretty olive green and white chenille bedspread! I am pretty sure I had been eyeing it up last year as well but didn't buy it. This year I just couldn't leave it again! I don't have a bed to put it on right now but it is in excellent condition and it WILL one day be on a spare bed in my home :)
So - the moral of this story is to definitely check out the St. Ireneaus festival and flea market next August if you live in the Pittsburgh area! .... or don't... More for me! ;)

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