Tuesday, June 7, 2011


A month ago we adopted a beautiful kitten. We had been thinking about it for awhile but I was always afraid of how Wheezy would react to another animal in her territory (she IS NOT a fan of other dogs. She will SOMETIMES tolerate smaller dogs). She can be a little grumpy sometimes and doesn't like any other animals around her food. But Wheezy DOES get along with my parents cat so we decided that as long as we got a kitten it should be fine.

We got her from the local animal rescue league and named her.... Angel Batista (pronounced On Hail-- she is Cuban :)). Any Dexter fans out there? We are big Dexter fans and named her after one of our favorite characters on the show even though that character is a guy and she is a pretty girl kitty :)

It has been interesting having a cat around. My dad is allergic so we never had any growing up and I have never considered myself a 'cat person'. The boyfriend really wanted her. But she has just wiggled her way into my heart!! Her purring is soooo precious and her stripes are just beautiful and she is playful but also likes to cuddle. She and Wheezy get along ok. Wheezy pretty much just ignores her...unless Angel jumps on her face, then she gets a little snappy.

My only problem with her is the above photo.... She likes to climb. I thought her climbing the screen was pretty funny & cute at first. Until she started climbing my curtains. She LOVES to climb the curtains and I am worried about them getting tears and pulls in them. And I am not sure how to discipline a cat. It doesn't seem to be the same as a dog cause she isn't listening...lol.

Any suggestions??

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