Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome 2012!!

Happy 2012, everyone!! There is always something so exciting and fresh about a new year! Have you made a resolution.... have you been sticking to it so far?
This year I decided to write down my MAJOR goals for the year instead of thinking of resolutions.

I started a fresh new journal (doesn't a fresh new journal just make you giddy!?) and also a notebook where I wrote down all my MAJOR goals for the year. These goals include (without going into detail) improvements to my finances, health, spirituality and of COURSE my blog & vintage shops!
I have found in the past that I normally get very overwhelmed at looking at the 'Big Picture' of these goals and normally don't get too far with them or am disappointed with my lack of improvement. I think most of the time I get overwhelmed with fear and doubt and just kind of quit. So THIS YEAR in my fresh new notebook (not to be confused with the fresh, lovely journal... ;)) I decided that I would write down my MAJOR goals on just about every page and each week I would just think of one or two simple, 'bite sized' things to do to advance that goal...So for health I am working on drinking 8 glasses of water a day for the week and for Hollie Would Vintage I am setting the attainable goal of posting 3 new things in the shop.
Each week I plan on writing out the bite size goals in the notebook and hopefully by the end of 2012 I will have made great progress!! I plan on 2012 being my BEST YEAR EVER ;)

What are your 'goals' for 2012 and how do you plan on keeping up with them??

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