Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spray Paint and Shell Scenes

So I've had this big box of plastic wall decor sitting in my garage for probably over a year now just waiting to be spray painted and repurposed into something pretty. I am always drawn to the plastic birds, flowers, etc... that I come across at estate and garage sales and have been hoarding them away. Well, this past Sunday was finally the day! It was a beautiful day outside and I was wanting to work on my tan anyway (hehe..I am so pale) so I decided to pick a couple of things from the box and get down to business!

I decided on the cow head, mail organizer and owl figurine (which is not plastic...).

I always first sand the item to give it a little texture for the paint to stick to and then wipe it with a damp cloth. I also realized after my first few attempts at spray painting things that primer is a GREAT THING! I sprayed each of them with a coat of primer and laid on a blanket while they dried.
I was thrilled last year when I discovered just how many awesome colors of spray paint there are out there! I normally get all mine from Wal-Mart and Krylon is definitely my favorite brand. That is my little collection below.

I always like to do at least 2 coats. I plan on keeping the cow head and most likely hanging it in my living room. The mail organizer and owl figurine will probably end up in my Vintage Shop.
Since the first 3 pieces worked out so well I decided to do the seagull wall hangings too. Pretty pink seagulls! ;)

In Other News - - - - - I didn't get to do much treasure hunting this past weekend, unfortunately. But at the one sale I did stop at quickly I found these kitschy winter shell scenes. The figurines are glued to a flat shell and the 'tree' in the scene is also a shell.

I got the 'lady' art  that they are sitting on at the same sale. She sort of reminds me of the
'Big Eyed' girls that I have purchased in the past....but her eyes look pretty proportionate :)

I think these shell scenes are pretty cool. Might even be a fun little project to try with your kids!

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