Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Weekend....

As I was doing my usual search on Thursday for the local estate and garage sales I would be attending, I came across a listing on Craigslist for an old sewing factory that would be having a close out sale. Apparently, they closed long ago and are finally cleaning out so that the building can be sold. The sale was an hour and a half from where I live....normally I would have completely overlooked it but it sounded like it could be promising..... and an adventure of sorts. I got the BF to agree to go with me. So off we went on Saturday morning.

It was a pretty big place and I got excited immediately upon walking through the doors. They had been open for a few hours the evening before and we got there only about 2 hours before they were going to be done, so I am not sure (and don't like to think about) what treasures I missed out on.... but I feel like a came away with some pretty good stuff that made the longer drive totally worth it!
The building was really cool and the people were very nice. And best of all, the prices were great!! I walked away with about 25 Deadstock dresses/housecoats...of which I am ttttoootttalllyyy excited! :)
Check out the photo below to see a quick (not very quality) photo of 3 of the dresses. 
There were tons of buttons! I didn't end up with any for myself because I always buy them at estate/garage sales and never end up doing anything with them. But I did fill a bag with buttons for only 50 cents for my sister who has been doing some really lovely paper quilling & using buttons as the middle of the flower.
I am super excited about these pieces! I have been collecting a lot of great dresses for the shop and hope to get some of them up for sale pretty soon!

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  1. Don't know how I missed this post! Thanks for the buttons, by the way! Love them!!