Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gnome Collection

A few posts ago I talked about my gnome music box of my favorite thrift finds. I mentioned that I had amassed quite the collection and today I am sharing some of it with you! It's a pretty good mixture of vintage and newer gnomes. This first pictures shows a Mr. & Mrs. Gnome who are coin banks and also vintage. Standing all sassy in between them is a lovely plush gnome by Multiple Personalities on Etsy. The framed print below is also from her super cool Etsy Shop.
I just picked up these 2 vintage musical gnomes a few weeks ago!IMG_6831_2
I found the 2 end gnomes in the photo below at a garage sale a few years ago. And the 3 metallic gnomes I got at Borders (I THINK that is the bookstore I found them at...) several years ago as well.IMG_6826_2
I am still SUPER excited about this guy!! I bought him at Home Goods a few weeks ago. It might be hard to tell in the picture but he is a pretty big fella! 
IMG_6818_2 IMG_2018 _MG_0549
While writing this post I realized that I forgot a few! I will have to save them for another time :) Hope you enjoyed this peek at one of my collections. What do YOU like to collect?


  1. Hi Hollie, just stopping by to say hello from the ModSquad group. Your gnomes are adorable! I collect so many things myself, cause I'm a hoarder :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! :) I also have WAY more collections than the gnomes and worry that I may be a 'hoarder'... I do bring a lot of stuff in but sell most of it in my Etsy shop. Although, my BF and I were watching Hoarders the other day and it made me