Sunday, February 26, 2012

Makes Me Happy...

I wanted to share my little dining room with you today because...well... it just makes me happy! I finally have it just about the way I want it and it has the perfect mix of things that just make me smile anytime I look that way! I live in a pretty small townhouse and the living room and dining room are open to each other. The couch and the television sit facing the dining room so I actually get to stare at it pretty often :)

One of my favorite things about my little dining room is the wall art. Pretty simple really! 4 of the 5 pieces are pretty fabrics in vintage embroidery hoops. The 'love' circle is an Amish Hex sign. I love the way they all look together!
I purchased my stained glass pendant lamp at an auction the restaurant TGI Fridays had several years ago when they redesigned all of their restaurants. The table and credenza are amazing mid-century modern pieces that deserve their own post (which I will do one of these days)!
And lets not forget the chalkboard walls!
Now, the tough part will be keeping the space clean and clutter free!! ;)

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