Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wheezy Wednesday - Sassy Edition

I am not sure what has gotten in to her lately but Wheez seems to be getting Sassier in her older age.
Except for the occassional growl at a neighborhood dog, Wheezy is my perfect, pretty pretty princess ;) BUT lately she has been getting in to all sorts of mischief. It started last week when we came home to find that she had totally destroyed my favorite sunglasses. Her slober even warped the shape of the frames! A day later and again we are greeted after work with the broken bits of Jon's prescription glasses!...No pictures of this...there was more anger over this occurance....

AND THEN yesterday she got in to the trash! She NEVER gets in to the trash! The BF got home before me and sent me the lovely photo below.
I can't figure out what her deal is!? Maybe she has just been extra bored during the day while we are at work....whatever it is though, you can NEVER stay mad at that face for very long!

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