Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrilling Thrift...Vintage Children's Clothing!

Wanted to share this quick pic of the total SCORE I made over the weekend. I bought this huge lot of vintage children's clothing for a mere $30!! These pictures don't even begin to accurately portray the amazing pieces in this bunch! Most pieces seem to be from the 50s and 60s and except for a few minor stains here and there, they are in excellent condition!!
It pays to check out your local Craigslist pretty frequently, people!! The person I bought the lot from said his brother is a bit of a 'collector' and he was helping him sell some things. The brother acquired these amazing pieces from the estate sale of a hoarder.
I am beyond excited about these sweet kid's clothes and can't wait to share more! Be on the lookout for more pics here on my blog and also in my Etsy shop - Hollie Would Vintage!!


  1. if you find anything age 18months/ 2years for a boy i would love it if you could let me know, i struggle finding cute vintage clothes for my son. Now following and found you through the modcloth style ambassadors FB page :D xx

    1. Hey fellow Style Ambassador :) I will certainly let you know once I get through everything and begin taking pictures. I want to say that I did see some pieces that might be in that age range. My pesky 'day job' :) has been keeping me from really digging in too much yet but I hope to really go through them more on Sunday.