Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thrilling Thrift - This weekends finds

Winter in Western PA means a scarcity of Estate and Garage sales. My mom and I (my thrifting partner in crime) were able to find an estate sale here and there this winter but now that spring has come around, the options have started to get better. On Saturday we were able to find several good sales and here is what I got!
These 4 items were picked up at a sale in Blairsville, PA (about 15 minutes from Delmont). A man has been selling items from a large shed in his front yard because he has collected so much over the years. He loves to travel to Peru and raises the money for plane tickets this way. Anyway, I just loved the kitty mail organizer and the world 'calendar' is a classic. The gnome isn't old BUT he is a great addition to my collection AND he lights up!! The man threw him in for free because according to him, it didn't really 'fit' in with his other items  :)
I am super excited about these 2 pieces because I plan on turning them in to Terrariums!! Both are great vintage pieces that will look so great turned in to little gardens :)
This is an old Levi's shirt. A find at a church tag sale. 
These vintage kids books were all picked up at the church tag sale too. I LOVE vintage children's books if you haven't already guessed by past posts ;)
And these 2 pretty floral scarves that I have big plans for (see last post!)
I am getting super excited for garage sale season!! Have you found any goodies lately at estate or garage sales? 

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