Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wheezy Wednesday

Wheez has been in need of a bath for awhile now and last week we finally decided to pull ourselves together and get it done! Bathing her is no easy task! She is a heavy lady and NOT a fan of getting clean :) The picture below was taken right before bath time. You can see she is smiling and still happy....not realizing what is about to happen.

We took her to the 'Dog Wash'which is a little area at a local oil change and car wash place that has a room with a fancy dog washin machine ;) We took her here once before and it worked out pretty well because it gets the job done quicker and she is sort of confined and can't get
As you can see from the bottom photo she isn't too thrilled. Two teeth sticking out means major grump and annoyance. BUT now a have a pretty, clean bulldog and after a couple treats she forgot All about her bath ;)

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